Week 5 ENT 650: Finding Inspiration

As I was writing last week’s blog about funding resources I found myself amazed that women are still thought of as a minority and I wondered when that would change.  I also wondered where women entrepreneurs find inspiration and pondered where I might find inspiration for my business as I move through the M.E. Program.

Gates, Jobs, Disney, Ford, Carnegie, Dell, and Page are among the most creative and successful entrepreneurs the USA has ever seen.  They all make for great role models when looking for inspiration for one’s own business especially if you are a male. But what about inspiration for women?  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling as two of the most successful entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. As much as I admire them, when looking for inspiration I can’t relate to their beginnings.  I did not grow up in poverty and have never experienced it.  That statement alone is part of my inspiration.  I was afforded opportunities many women my age and younger were not — a safe loving home; never wanting for food, shelter or clothing; help to go to college; and supportive friends.

When I look for inspiration to keep me grounded and working on my business I now find it in the most ordinary things.  Every day when I drive to and from work at one stoplight or another, I am asked for money as I wait for the light to turn green. Some days I can give and some days I can’t.  Those brief moments inspire me to continue with my dream of helping people find employment through baking.  Maybe one day one of those people can work with me.

I am inspired by my subject matter expert for this month. He started his business at age 57 and has been in business for seven years and continues to grow.  I am inspired by a student who comes to class as she deals with a father deploying to Puerto Rico to assist in the reconstruction and the death of a cousin because of Hurricane Maria. Starting a business is challenging but not as hard as losing a loved one.

I’m inspired by the teenager I spent time with the other night as she learns to budget and plan for her future to achieve her dreams. I found inspiration on thestorychange.org website.  The website is a nonprofit media organization telling the personal and professional stories of women business owners. There are numerous videos and articles about all kinds of businesses and all kinds of women.  They also have numerous resources for women entrepreneurs. The video that really resonated with me was about the woman who created a clothing business to help women who have been incarcerated rebuild their lives. https://thestoryexchange.org/fif-ghobadian-paving-road-prison/ I hope to one day also help women rebuild their lives after having been incarcerated.

Another source of inspiration is the website http://femaleentrepreneurassociation.com/about/. There are numerous stories of women entrepreneurs around the world and tools to help women along their entrepreneurial journey.

I leave you with the quote by Debbi Fields, a woman who gives me inspiration although I’ve never met her.  She was the founder of Mrs. Fields Bakeries in 1977 and sold it for $100 million, “What I wanted was to be allowed to do the thing in the world that I did best — which I believed then and believe now is the greatest privilege there is.  When I did that, success found me.” (Welch)


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8 thoughts on “Week 5 ENT 650: Finding Inspiration

  1. Hi Cece
    I agree that one of the best inspirations there is to see a young person aspire to truly make it in this world or in business. It seams there is an entire generation of people being raised by grandparents and all I can say is I hope they get it right the 2nd time.
    A person or woman that is inspired to do what they love best I feel gives them an extra edge to succeed.

  2. Cece, thank you for sharing your heart and mind on this one, for sure! I often wonder when these gaps and ceilings are going to be closed and removed… I often wonder what might I be able to do to address/adjust this social response… I am the brother to three very strong sisters, the husband of a remarkably successful wife, and the father to two (already :)) independent little ladies (4 years and 3 months old) :). I appreciate your thoughtful response… more than you know! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ahh, I love this! Women think differently and even though they may not be highlighted as much as men are there are several women out there that inspire daily. According to National Center for Education Statistics, from 2011 – 2012 about 76% of the teachers were females. Women are and will always be the backbone of society.

  4. Hi CeCE entrepreneurs come in all forms and fashions, they come from all socioeconomic backgrounds . I think as long as you have a desire to want to grow a successful business and inspire to help people you will always succeed. Continue to remain positive in your work and watch your business grow .

  5. Great post! Inspiration is all around us! We can’t do “life” alone, that’s for sure! I take as many classes I can at our local small business center. Even though, I teach a lot of them, I still like to take others. The reason is that I find inspiration from other instructors/coaches. It helps gets my creative juices flowing and gives me hope to continue with my business. You must seek out inspiration and get advice from others! This is how we grow as humans, and help to grow our businesses!

  6. Great post – I have children of my on and sometimes, I just sit at amazement.
    Inspiration is a powerful experience and you never know where it will come from. My business is inspired by bring women together all over the world to encourage motivate and teach others that regardless of what life throws at you- you stand !

  7. Cece,

    Being inspired by the everyday things of life is one of the greatest feelings. I am right there with you. Just like you, I too am inspired any time I am able to help someone out. Lately, this has involved giving business and financial advice to some friends – one that resulted in nearly $2,000 gained for him in a week! It feels good to be able to help like that, and it also fills my heart to know that you are doing the same with your passions and abilities. I hope that inspiration for us continues to turn into inspiring for others.


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