Week 5 ENT 610: Magazine Ad Analysis

  1. The ad I chose was for GEICO insurance. It shows 4 beautifully arranged Granny Smith apples next to a quarter of an apple.  The four apples represent a whole insurance company that can offer all kinds of services versus a  company which only offers one service and in this case they are referring to low prices. They are appealing to the intelligence of the reader; of course you want a company that has more services than only low prices. In the fine print it even says “Make the smart choice.” If we are not too smart we might pick the low priced insurance company with no history and no other services.   Even the words on the ad, “The choice is yours, and it’s simple,” appeals to the reader making smart choices.  In other words, only someone who was not too bright would pick another company.
  1. The objective of this campaign was to get the reader to think about GEICO as an option when purchasing car insurance. Using the metaphor of “only a slice of pie” when you can have the whole pie lets the reader know  when they purchase GEICO insurance they will get a competitive price for their insurance, as well as agents to help them out.  The references to their over 80 years in the car insurance business and 2nd largest auto insurer tells us we can trust them and they expect to be around for a long time. They also are informing the reader of the 97% customer satisfaction rating. For me it is unclear as to what they are referencing.  Is that with agents, claims representatives or price?  I guess we are supposed to know because it is a high number, which presumably is a good thing. This ad could be run at any time. Geico is always running ads in print, on tv and on the radio.  I think it would be very difficult to measure the effectiveness of this particular ad.  Perhaps they could do a survey of existing customers to see what if any ads caused them to call GEICO, get a quote and purchase insurance.
  1. They are appealing to people who are smart with their money, pay attention, and want value for services they are purchasing.
  1. They want us to call GEICO and get a free quote for car insurance. If the reader makes the call, not only will they receive a competitive rate for car insurance, but helpful agents.
  1. The value proposition for this ad is that GEICO offers insurance at low rates with excellent service. They have history on their side and often customers feel more trusting of companies with many years of experience. Most people call GEICO because it appears that they have the best prices of all the car insurance companies. What I did not know before reviewing this ad is that GEICO offers other types of insurance besides car insurance.  If someone was a property owner, boat owner,  or motorcycle owner, GEICO probably could handle most or all of those needs too.  For those used to bundling all of their insurance needs, GEICO could provide one stop shopping.

  1. Skechers has designed a specific shoe named “Bobs for Dogs.” The ad shows the shoes, which come in solids and a variety of dog and cat faces patterns.   In the bottom of the ad is Best Friends Animal Society logo and two photos of dogs, which most likely were saved by Best Friends.   Best Friends Animal Society is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary rescue in the country.  At any time, it has over 1600 animals. They are appealing to that warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we think about dogs that need rescuing. The ad asks us to help save them all by purchasing a pair of Bobs for Dogs shoes.
  1. This ad was made to inform, as well as to sell to the reader. The ad lets the reader know that Skechers has partnered with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to help save shelter animals.  By purchasing a pair of these special dog and cat designed Bobs, the reader is helping drive millions of dollars to Best Friends. Skechers will donate 25 cents for every pair of the Bobs for Dogs purchased, up to three million dollars.  Best Friends goal is to end the senseless killing of shelter animals.  This promotion has been running since September 2015 and will run until August 31, 2018.  The number of Bobs purchased between that time can easily be measured from the shoe release date through 2018.  If sales go down after August 2018 it might be attributed to the lack of ads for the Bobs for Dogs.
  1. These shoes are marketed to women. In the ad, they show two sets of legs; the set of legs which are jumping are clearly a woman’s.  On their site, they only offer the shoes in women’s sizes.
  1. The ad wants the reader to purchase a pair of Skechers and, in turn, Skechers will donate to Best Friends. The reader benefits because she knows that her purchase will help towards the adoption of shelter animals.  She may not be able to save an animal from a shelter herself, yet her support of Bobs for Dogs will help towards the goal of ending the killing of shelter pets.
  1. The value proposition is that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has a track record for over 30 years of being on the fore front of ending the senseless killing of animals in shelters. Skechers is known for their campaigns to support other humanitarian type issues in the past.  In another campaign in 2016, Skechers gave 14 million pairs of shoes to kids all over the world.  Many of these children live in poverty and some are homeless.

  1. This ad is for a Skin Rejuvenation clinic in Minnesota. The couple is walking along a beautiful white sandy beach and both of their bodies look flawless.  The ad points out all the different areas of the skin and the procedures which can be performed to help a person look this way.  This ad is appealing to our sense of vanity and the constant desire of people to improve upon their looks.
  1. The ad was to inform the reader of all the services offered to get one’s body ready for the beach vacation or the summer season. If we are not feeling good about our bodies, the clinic can help us to transform them into something we’ll be proud of. I was informed about all the services available; I had no idea there were so many. The ad also lets the reader know that when picking a business that provides these types of services, Skin Rejuvenation Clinic has received awards for the best in their location since 2014.  These services are available all the time and the effectiveness of the ad could be measured by how many new consults were booked and/or services provided during the time the ad ran.
  1. This ad is being target at both men and women. The couple in the ad look to be in their late 30’s to early 40’s.  Most of these procedures are not covered by medical insurance and the people purchasing them would have to be more affluent.
  1. The ad wants the reader to book a free consultation and imagine herself/himself in the body they don’t have but desire. The message is that if the reader books a consultation and then purchases services, s/he can attain the perfect body and hit the beach.  I pulled this ad because as I was looking at all the procedures it made me feel terrible.  I don’t have a perfect body and I certainly do not have the funds to purchase all the services.  Yet I was curious and did go to their website to check out what they did.
  1. The value proposition for this company is that they have also been acknowledged as a #1 Cosmetic Clinic/Medical Spa by their local magazine twice. They have also received an award for patient satisfaction using surveys from past patients.  The reason customers choose a cosmetic clinic/medical spa is to improve or maintain their looks, as well as to help prevent aging.  In our society where aging seems to be looked down upon and maintaining a youthful appearance is highly regarded, people are looking to improve their bodies.  The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and others like this offer the potential to be as beautiful as the couple in the ad.

  1. This ad is for the one year old U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This stadium was built for the Minnesota Vikings football team.  This ad is letting the reader know that the stadium is not only for football, but for other events as well.  I think it appeals to customers wanting a happy experience for themselves, their friends or family.
  1. The ad was meant to inform readers of the stadium as a venue for celebrations and not just sporting events. I did not know that stadiums rent out space for private functions.  I toured the football stadium in Charlotte, NC and they only spoke about private rooms and suites on game days.  I think this could be easily measured by tracking leads and booked events from the time the ad ran.
  1. This ad is targeted at anyone looking for a different venue of a celebration. Because the stadium is in downtown Minneapolis where there are many businesses, it could be used by companies who office downtown and need event space.
  1. The ad wants the reader to think of the stadium as a place for celebrations, as well as football. The reader will benefit from holding an event at the stadium because it has more than 10 different sized venues inside and outside in which celebrations can take place.  They offer any type of food service a customer might want and can accommodate from 100 -70,000 people.   The stadium also has state of the art technology throughout the entire building.
  1. The value proposition in this ad is that no expense was spared when building this stadium. Everything about it screams luxury and modern design.  Three reasons people would book the stadium are: the need for an event location; it can hold large numbers of people; and the desire to impress one’s customers or guests.  The stadium was designed to offer a variety of settings, from intimate to large scale, while meeting all of one’s needs.   It is the new, cool place to hold events.

  1. This ad is using Viola Davis, an Academy award winning actress, to promote Vaseline Products and the power to heal. Davis looks happy and her skin looks smooth and supple, but the ad is really appealing to our desire to help others.  If you look closely, The Vaseline Healing Project’s logo is at the bottom of the ad.  I think it is appealing to our curiosity.
  1. The objective of this ad was to sell product and introduce the reader to The Vaseline Healing Project. I for one had never heard of the project and I use Vaseline products.  It prompted me to go to their website and read about the project.  This ad also wants us to know how they are helping people all over the world affected by poverty with their medical products.
  1. The ad is targeted at women aged 50 and above.
  1. The ad wants us to buy the Vaseline product, but also help them build medical relief kits to people in need. The company is already donating a Vaseline Jelly for each kit and the reader can donate any amount of money towards helping to build these kits.  The reader benefits from purchasing the product by knowing that Vaseline will be able to continue to build kits for people in need.  Also, using these products should help the reader’s skin look supple and smooth like Ms. Davis’.
  1. The value proposition of Vaseline products is that they have longevity behind their products. They have been in existence for over 140 years and have a variety of healing products besides the original Vaseline Jelly. It was used during WWI and WWII and on the first mission to the North Pole. These products are known for healing dry skin by locking in moisture.  The reader will buy these products because of the need for healing their own skin and the desire to feel good knowing that their purchase is helping someone else.  It might even lead the customer to build a relief kit








8 thoughts on “Week 5 ENT 610: Magazine Ad Analysis

  1. Hello Cece,
    GEICO offers insurance at low rates with excellent service is a good ad and can be vary true. As you say many company offer the bare bones of a policy but this ad shows that you can get it all for just a little more.

    Sketchers has designed a specific shoe named “Bobs for Dogs.” and is a great program. Not only does it promote the pets aspect but it also gave over 14 million pairs of shoes to children that needed them. You can not augur with that. Feel good ad that makes you want to be part of the family by buying their product.

    Skin Rejuvenation clinic in Minnesota looks like one stop shopping for youth. If you need to do it they can help you look young if you have the money. I think that if you can afford it and the years are starting to catch up with you than this ad will get you interested and keep you interested. The ad works for the right clientele.

    U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota has this ad that personally I think looks to busy and does not have enough white space to be eye catching. My eyes would glaze over this ad because how busy it is. The only redeeming factor is that they have some angles in the ad in stead of being all boxed off.

    Viola Davis, an Academy award winning actress is a simple and direct ad. It states its uses and what it can do for you. It is a bit eye catching

  2. Hi Cece,
    Great ad selections. I think my favorite was the sketcher’s ads. I love supporting companies that help others and it’s not just about collecting money. I mean most of us already know about women and shoes, so this is a perfect target market. And, when we buy yet another pair of shoes, we won’t feel so bad this time because we are actually giving back to those in need.

  3. Hi Cece,

    Excellent as usual! You always put a lot of thought into your posts, so I enjoy reading them.

    It seems that the first priority for making an effective ad is to simply catch someone’s attention. After all, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your product or service is if nobody notices it. That’s why it seems that all of the best ads we choose have that in common: they grab us, or at the very least, intrigue us long enough to explain their purpose. Take for instance your Geico ad. Perfectly green apples. It’s a very satisfying image, and it draws your attention for just a moment before handing it off to the captions below it. Then before you know it, your attention was effortlessly handed off to the next line below that saying who the ad is from. It seems like these series of “handoffs” could be really important in keeping the attention of the reader. Without it, an ad would seem confusing – and I’ve sure we’ve seen plenty of those. Ever seen a billboard with like 25 different words on it and bunches of different images? Yup. It’s too much, and before you know where to look, you’ve passed by it. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a billboard with either too much or too little information on it that has led me to say “I honestly have no idea what they were advertising” after I drove past it.


  4. Cece,

    Of course, I have to favorite the dog ad 🙂 Thanks for a nice post and selection of ads. I like that the ad is sponsoring such a great cause. The shoes are cute so that draws the eye in as well. There’s is something about a pair of attractive shoes that draws the eye in. Not sure if it’s that because shoes are cute, little twin-objects, or something else. Either way, the ad did a great job of making us remember that these are Bob’s (not Tom’s) and that the product is also affiliated with Skechers (which I did not know).


  5. Hi Cece,
    I enjoyed reading your advertisements because they seem to be a call to help someone. The “Bobs for Dogs” immediately caused an emotional motivation to help save these animals. And the Vaseline ad with Voila Davis – I love this lady as a powerful actor; likewise, whatever she has to say, she has earned my attention..lol But, I think its a good idea to advertise Vaseline in this manner – “healing”.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. The ads were great and each one was of a different market. I like that you chose some that I did not know about such as the ones for Minnesota. It was interesting to view the ad for US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had not seen ads for stadium bookings before now. The ad gives great photos of the beautiful stadium, inside and outside. This ad is straight forward and points out to “Book Today.” Then, the other ad is the Skin Rejuvenation clinic in Minnesota. This ad gets right to the point, “Imagine Yourself Here”. Many of us at the time of nice weather and vacations, start looking at ourselves to make changes and look our best during these times, such as vacations to the beach. This ad gives information to help the reader know there are options to help to achieve the better body for summer. These ads were great Cece!!

  7. I noticed the Bobs for Animals ad right away! While I was at PetCo over the weekend the sales associate and dog trainer actually had these shoes on. I had never seen them before and thought they were rather cute and appropriate for her position at the pet store. She told me about the shoes and what the significance was for buying a pair. I believe there is a trend in consumerism that when individuals are shopping they are more likely to spend a little more for a product or simply purchase a product with less buyers remorse or hesitation if they feel they are contributing to a good cause. This may be something to consider in the future for marketing and sales.

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