Week 2 ENT 610: Radio Ad Analysis

Mosquitos by Minnesota Lottery


  1. The ad I selected was about playing the Minnesota Lottery and the benefits for the environment from the monies collected. It used the ubiquitous mosquito that all Minnesotans deal with in the summer.  Minnesotans go to great lengths to fight them.  The ad had two guys sitting outside at night talking about the great summer weather in Minnesota and the lack of mosquitos. The one guy keeps asking if he tried the zapper, the smelly stuff, otherwise known as the citronella candle, and the fogger.  The other guy says no to all of them. He concludes it is just weird that they are staying away.  About thirty-five seconds into the one minute ad, a woman’s voice comes on and says that over 15 years, four hundred million dollars have been collected and dispersed around the state for the environment.  Nine hundred thousand dollars have been used to collect data on rare plants and animals in eight counties.  To anyone from Minnesota, you would have been smiling and laughing from the beginning of the outdoor sounds to hearing the familiar buzzing of the one mosquito in the ad, knowing a Minnesota summer night without mosquitos is nearly impossible.
  1. The objective of the campaign was to inform the public where some of the monies go from the Minnesota Lottery. Many people know the monies in lotteries are used to support K-12 education but many do not know they also support environmental issues throughout the state.  The lotteries are ongoing and this ad could run at any time. The summer and mosquito theme would resonate the most with Minnesotans during the months of May-September when the mosquitos are most active. It could be measured by increase in lottery ticket purchases from the time the ad ran until it stopped.
  1. They made a point in the ad of saying one must be 18 years or older to play the lottery. The target market for the ad was anyone purchasing a lottery ticket, but it was clearly targeted to people concerned with environmental issues throughout the state. The Minnesota Lottery gives some of the revenue to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the Natural Resources Fund, and the Game and Fish Fund.
  1. The ad was created to educate the listener and give them good reason to continue to purchase lottery tickets. If the listener already knew that revenue was being directed to help support K-12, then they would have then learned environmental issues were also being supported through their purchase.  The benefit to the listener is to continue the research being done on the rare plants and species as well as the work of the three funds mentioned above.
  1. The main reason people purchase a lottery ticket is for an opportunity to change one’s life with little investment or perceived little investment depending upon how often tickets are purchased. The ad may be directed at the benefits of excess revenue from the lottery going to environmental programs throughout the state but I doubt most people are thinking of that when they purchase their tickets.

Blackstone Shooting Sports Radio Ad- Abused and Mistreated


  1. The ad I selected was for a retail store and shooting range. At the beginning of the ad I thought it was going to be about abused animals.  The very deep voice was talking about these creatures as having been mistreated, misused and neglected for generations. Even the music pulled at one’s heart strings. I thought it was going to describe the fate of some poor cat or dog and then 18 seconds in, I first heard the word gun and a loving home in the same sentence.  Actually, saying that “the gun wants nothing more than to adore and protect you.” The rest of the ad talks about how a gun can protect you.  The ad focuses on how Blackstone can match you with the proper gun, as a “new addition to your family.”  It continues to use the pet metaphor of finding a “gun to fit your lifestyle” a sentence often used when seeking a new pet, with dog replacing gun. They talk about AK-47’s, AR-15’s and a large selection of handguns needing a loving home. They conclude the ad with another pet metaphor of “have a heart and don’t let another gun spend a night on a cold, dusty shelf” and their location, hours, website and telephone number.
  1. The ad was published in October of 2016 right before the holiday season began. There were a few objectives in this ad.  As a relatively new business to Charlotte, NC (only two years old), I think they were trying to create a buzz with this ad and to get people talking about them even if they were not gun owners.  Second, I think they were appealing to people thinking about safety and protection within their home.  By mentioning “the gun to fit your lifestyle,” potential gun purchasers knew they had a large variety from handguns to assault weapons to choose from.  Lastly, I think they were trying to reach out to current gun owners who did not know they were in town and provide them with the ways to visit and contact the store. The ad was not time specific and could be played at any time of the year but with the holidays around the corner when this was published, I am assuming it was to help drive purchases during October, November, and December.  Because of all the services offered at Blackstone, it would be difficult to measure the results of the ad.  They might be able to measure the number of visits by new potential customers if they had a survey set up or perhaps they do traffic counts daily.  If so, they could use the ad running time to see if traffic in the store increased.
  1. The main target market for this ad was people who currently do not own a gun. I also think they were trying to pull in pet owners, using pets as a tug at one’s heart strings.  The pet industry is a billion-dollar business, and pet owners will spend inordinate amounts of money on their pets, using the pet metaphor may make people spend money on guns in the same way.
  1. The ad wants the listener to visit Blackstone and find protection for themselves, their family and their home. The inferences from the ad is that the listener will be safer and protected by purchasing one of Blackstone’s products.  Using the pet metaphors throughout the ad, assumes that a home is not complete without a gun, like a home is not complete without a dog.
  1. There are many reasons why one might purchase a gun. This ad is focusing on personal and family safety as the main reason to purchase a gun.  There are others whom may hear the ad and realize there is a new gun store in town and want to check it out and perhaps add to their collection.  There could be another listener who needs a gun for hunting season and may want to visit the store.  There could be police officers who have a need for a secondary weapon and may want to purchase at Blackstone.  In a short spot, this ad could let the audience know about their large selection of guns, their friendly, professional staff and all the ways to visit or connect with them.

Lindo Michoacán


  1. The focus of this ad is the Happy Hour at Lindo Michoacán, held Monday-Friday, 2-5:00 pm, for 2 to 1 margaritas or any beer. The appeal of this ad was to use the character Marty and ask him questions in which he always answered “Si” (yes in Spanish).  The announcer is very excited, but Marty seems bored answering the rhetorical questions. There seems to be a smile in Marty’s tone at the end of the ad when he says “I told you so.”  For anyone living in Las Vegas for many years, they would know about Lindo Michoacán and their authentic Mexican cuisine.  What they might not know about is the Happy Hour.  Humor was used once again in this ad with Marty, the man who sleeps in a sombrero, loves Mexican, and loves to eat salsa.
  1. The ad was to inform listeners of the Happy Hour at Lindo Michoacán and let other people know about the award-winning food as well. Although Lindo Michoacán is a well-known restaurant to Las Vegas locals, many of the tourists coming to Las Vegas may not know about it.  This ad which was very brief, 31 seconds, would be perfect for tourists as they taxi from convention to hotel and the different attractions Las Vegas has to offer.  Based on their current website, the ad is a continuous promotion. There are three Lindo Michoacán restaurants in Las Vegas and measuring this could be done by looking at food and beverage sales within each restaurant during the running of the ad.
  1. The target market was those over twenty-one who enjoy margaritas and beer and want a good deal, in a restaurant which is known for their authentic margaritas and Mexican cuisine. Las Vegas has a work force unlike any other city.  They run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Many people do not have the traditional Saturday and Sunday off, enjoying days off during the week.
  1. The ad wants the listener to come partake of the Happy Hour and enjoy the beverages. The listener will save money on the beverages and enjoy the award-winning cuisine. The music playing in the background leaves the listener with the impression of a good, happy vibe to the restaurant. Spending time in Lindo Michoacán will be a fun, tasty experience.  The listener can take advantage of these specials and save some money while leaving content after having enjoyed a good meal.
  1. In the ad, the 2 for 1 margaritas or beer is the hook to get the customer to spend their money at Lindo Michoacán. It is the reputation of the restaurant that will create the return of customers.  The restaurant has been voted one of The Best of Las Vegas for over 10 years.  They are known for authenticity as well as excellent guest service for their customers.  They offer promotions and celebrations throughout the year to give the guest an experience and not just a drink and a meal.

Lipton Green Leaf Tea “Mmm”


  1. The ad I selected was for Lipton’s Green Tea. The announcer in the ad was in a place where there were lots of people from all over the world.  The idea behind the ad was to see what different types of people thought about the green tea.  He asked people from Texas, Germany, Mars, the glee club, the barbershop quartet and others what they thought of the tea.  They all came back with a different version of “mmm” “mmm” and the mmms were classic sounds from each group he spoke with.  It was funny listening to the different “mmm” sounds from each group.
  1. I think since the ad is from 2008, they were introducing the public to this type of Lipton Tea. The idea was to show that no matter where you were from or how you spoke or didn’t, as there was a mime in the ad too, everyone agreed that Lipton was “mmm” “mmm”– which universally translates into “tastes good.” Not only did they want us to hear that it was good, but it was good for you as they mentioned it was made from real tea and had protective antioxidants.  Without knowing where this ad was played and for how long, I am not sure how they would measure its effectiveness.
  1. The target market for this ad is everyone. They used examples of musicians, Martians, Europeans, Chinese, Germans, Texans, people from the North Pole, people with jaws wired shut, high school glee club, and race car drivers.  The age range would be 14 and older based on the people used in their examples.  The ad says to everyone that this is a beverage for everyone because it tastes good and is good for you.
  1. The ad encourages the listener to try the green tea and become a regular green tea drinker. In turn, they will reap the protective antioxidant benefits as well as enjoying the taste.
  1. The reasons for purchasing this product are varied. If one is a Lipton black tea drinker, you may want to make a change and reap the claimed benefits.  If you do not drink tea but are looking to add antioxidants to your daily intake, this may be a good way to do that.  If you are a water drinker and want to try something with a different taste, this could be a good alternative instead of soda and it takes the guesswork out of which one to buy because of the name recognition of the Lipton brand.

 Coke Summer Sound Radio Ad


  1. I selected an ad for Coca Cola in the summer. The technique of this ad was to use sound effects to create summer scenes in the listener’s mind as well as in the character thirst’s mind.  The person was asking thirst and all of us if we were okay with some of Coke’s summer sounds.  We hear the seagulls at the beach and a party with dancing. The third sound was someone walking and opening a Coke and drinking it which were not summer sound effects but a real person.  Thirst was fooled by the third one and was so “out of there.” It concludes with the idea that opening a Coca Cola is opening a bottle of happiness.
  1. Coke is an American classic and this ad was to promote the combination of Coke with all the things we think of when the word summer is said. Coke is always trying to increase its sales and since this was just Coke, not Coke Zero, Cherry, caffeine free or any of the diet Coke products, it was about familiarity and the good times. It also had some humor in it by using the character of “thirst” to see if he could recognize Coke sound effects from the real thing.  Funny since, “It’s the Real Thing” was a tag line from Coke’s 1971 commercial.  Since this ad was designed for the summer radio season, I think this could be measured by sales of traditional Coke during the time the ad ran.
  1. This is targeted at Coke drinkers and especially those who participate in activities outside during the summer. In other words, everyone.  From kids building sand castles, fishermen, sunbathers, picnickers and those working outside in the summer, Coke is for all of us.  It is also targeted at those who can find happiness in a bottle, metaphorically speaking; the happiness comes from the experiences which are created during the summer with friends and family while Coke is the beverage of choice.
  1. Coke is for one’s thirst in the summer. The ad encourages the listener to go have a Coke and open the door to happiness with others. Coke’s ads have always been about sharing and drinking their beverages with others.  In turn, this will create good times and memories.
  1. Thirst and taste are the main reasons that people purchase a soda. I am not a soda drinker, but have friends that do drink soda.  What makes them drink Coke?  It is the taste they are familiar with and if unavailable, they would rather drink a 7 up or Sprite than a Pepsi. For some people, they like a cold beverage with caffeine in it and Coke meets this requirement.




2 thoughts on “Week 2 ENT 610: Radio Ad Analysis

  1. Hi Cece,

    That radio ad for Blackstone Shooting Sports was so funny. I love it when ads have a twist that you don’t expect at first. Going off your analysis, it would be interesting to see how that ad impacted their sales. If it was the only advertising that they did, then it would be rather straight forward to understand since any boost in sales year over year during that time period could be attributed to the ad. Additionally, it is possible that the gun store gathers some contact information about each one of their customers. If they noticed that there was an influx of patrons who were new compared with those who have purchased before, then I would say chances are good that the ad helped create that. Those are just a couple of the ways that I think they could analyze the effectiveness of their ad, in addition to the methods that you mentioned of course.

    Great work with the other ads, too!

  2. The subversive humor in the Blackstone ad made it my favorite of the bunch. A lot of people fear guns, and I think this ad’s use of humor (and assigning animate qualities to these guns) might get a little further with that crowd than an ad played straight. I’m interested to visit the store now and see what they have, so the ad was successful in that regard.

    It took me a couple of listens to understand the implication of the mosquito ad. By buying a lottery ticket gives the state more money, and the state will donate some of that money to environmental causes. In turn, the environment (aka: mosquitoes) will leave you alone. The premise doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me when phrased that way, but having seen the mosquitoes of the upper Midwest first-hand, I can understand a willingness to do anything to get rid of them!

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