Thanksgiving in Vegas I have hairHello! My name is Cece Krelitz and I just started the Master of Entrepreneurship degree program at Western Carolina University. Although my full time job is at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a Baking and Pastry instructor, I have not been a college student in 35 years. This online learning and all the technology is new to me and a bit overwhelming. This blog will be used for assignments on my journey through the Entrepreneurship program.  An important part of this program is the feedback I receive from my classmates and professors.  I hope you will join me on my learning journey and share some feedback too.

The picture to the right was taken in the Summer of 2011 in Las Vegas.  I look extremely happy because my friend and I had just finished making close to 20 rolls of Hot Fudge Kamishbrot. She was stockpiling her freezer while I was in town for the summer.  Kamishbrot is a Jewish cookie, similar to biscotti, but softer. This is a recipe that my mother has been using for years and my brother says I should sell it.  So here I am, on the first step of a new journey towards creating a business where I can share my love of baking with others.